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Amy Nelson

Amy Nelson

Founder and CEO

Amy Nelson didn’t grow up wanting to be a Financial Advisor. A naturally creative person, she began her career as a textile artist in New York and grew her studio to more than 25 artists with clients around the globe. Marriage, a child and several cross-country moves resulted in Amy starting a fresh bread business which she grew into a nationwide vendor for Whole Foods. And for all her businesses, Amy served as sales representative, strategist, product designer and chief financial officer.

Needless to say, along the way Amy gained a strong understanding of financial principles and the critical importance of financial planning to achieving success. So much so that several of her own financial advisors suggested she consider that as a career path herself.

After raising her son and downsizing her bread business, Amy decided to pursue a career in financial advising. She’s confident she offers her clients a very unique combination of financial expertise, stubborn determination, inexhaustible desire to work and a powerfully creative way of looking at life and the future.

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Why Apple Tree Lane?

Amy grew up at One Apple Tree Lane in St. Louis, MO. During her time on this idyllic American street, Amy believes she nurtured the creative mind and boundless imagination that has been her driving force throughout her life. She believes deeply in the power of place, of memories and of pondering a life way beyond the norms to motivate the human spirit to dream big, work hard and achieve anything.

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